Research Themes in FP-RESOMUS


a joint effort of


  • the NCCR MUST (Swiss National Center of Competence in Research: Molecular Ultrafast Science and Technology), directed by Profs. Ursula Keller and Thomas Feurer) and


  • the German Cluster of Excellence RESOLV (Ruhr Explores Solvation, directed by Prof. Martina Havenith)

RESOLV and the NCCR MUST operate at the frontiers of what is technically feasible. The scientific focus of the two clusters is largely complementary, and founded on fundamental and applied research of ultrafast processes and solvation. FP-RESOMUS will integrate the clusters’ research goals within four focus areas:

Dynamics in Solution

  • MUST: First-principles molecular dynamics simulations of ultrafast processes and spectroscopy; Structural dynamics in aqueous solutions
  • RESOLV: Understanding and exploiting solvation sciences in chemical processes

Charge and Energy Transfer

  • MUST: Charge transfer mechanisms and attosecond electron dynamics; Controlling the dynamics of molecules, atoms, electrons in solution, at surfaces/interfaces
  • RESOLV: Solute-to-solvent and solvent-to-solute transfer processes; Ion solvation and charge transfer at the interface

Structural and Long-Range-Order Dynamics

  • MUST: Protein dynamics from the electronic system to the scaffold and attached water; Ultrafast phenomena in strongly correlated electron systems; Dynamics of nanostructures; solvation dynamics
  • RESOLV: Connecting solvation dynamics with biomolecular function; Elucidating structural transitions and identifying associated microscopic interactions

Advancing Photonics Technology

  • MUST: High-power laser sources in the visible, near and mid- infrared, pulse shaping, coherent X-rays for spectroscopy and diffraction
  • RESOLV: High-power laser and Terahertz sources, pulse shaping, and advanced spectroscopic methods