Groups involved in FP-RESOMUS are listed in the following tables , sorted by the respective networks. A  "√" indicates that postdoctoral positions are currently open in the NCCR MUST and the Cluster of Excellence - RESOLV , or that open applications are welcome. Please check the group-websites for details.

Abbreviations: CET = Charge and Energy Transfer; DS = Dynamics in Solution; SD = Structural and Long-Range-Order Dynamics; PT = Advancing Photonics Technology

Groups and projects in the NCCR MUST
PI - websiteProject-IDOpen?ThemeArea
ETH Zürich
Ursula KellerMUST-1001Femtosecond and attosecond VUV-XUV spectroscopyPT
Hans Jakob WörnerMUST-1002Attosecond soft-X-ray spectroscopyPT
Steve JohnsonMUST-1003Coupling in strongly excited materialsSD
Jeremy RichardsonMUST-1004Nonadiabatic dynamics of molecules in solutionDS
Manfred FiebigMUST-1005Dynamic quantum-criticality of heavy fermionsSD
Ruth SignorellMUST-1006Electron dynamics in water dropletsDS
Daniela RuppMUST-1007Nanostructures and Ultrafast X-ray ScienceSD
Universität Bern
Thomas FeurerMUST-2001Nonlinear Spectroscopy in the Presence of Intense THz FieldsPT
Andrea CannizzoMUST-2002Carbon dots: photophysicsCET
Natalie BanerjiMUST-2003SFG spectroscopy to study solid-liquid interfaces for organic bio-electronicsDS, CET
Robert HänerMUST-2005Energy Transfer Processes in DNA-Organized, Multi Segmental Chromophore StacksCET
Paul Scherrer Institut
Paul BeaudMUST-3001Ultrafast structural dynamics and phase transitionsSD
Urs StaubMUST-3002Ultrafast dynamics of nonequilibrium solids studied with x-raysCET
Chris MilneMUST-3003Probing ultrafast dynamics at SwissFEL using novel X-ray techniquesSD
Jörg StandfussMUST-3004Structural dynamics of ultrafast synthetic photoswitchesCET
Adrian CavalieriMUST-3007Laboratory for Non-linear Optics (LNO)SD
École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne EPFL
Majed CherguiMUST-4001X-ray studies of Chiral dynamics in transition metal complexesDS
MUST-4002Ultrafast photoelectron spectroscopic study of solvation dynamicsDS
Jacques - E. MoserMUST-4003Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Free- and Bound Carriers in Photovoltaic Materials and HeterojunctionsPT
Ursula RöthlisbergerMUST-4004Simulations of Ultrafast Phenomena using First Principles Molecular DynamicsSD, CET
Jiří VaníčekMUST-4005Ab initio semiclassical dynamics for time-resolved spectroscopy and
geometric integrators for quantum control
Fabrizio CarboneMUST-4006Imaging and control of quantum states of matter via spatially resolved excitationSD
Christoph Bostedt (LSF)MUST-4007Theoretical tools for time-resolved photoemission spectroscopy at SwissFELPET
Universität Zürich
Peter HammMUST-50012D Raman THz spectroscopy of supercooled water an ionic liquidsDS
Jürg OsterwalderMUST-5002Observation of Electron Dynamics at Solid InterfacesCET
Université de Genève
Jean-Pierre WolfMUST-6001Laser Water condensation by hard X-rays) on ATHOSDS
Universität Basel
Markus MeuwlyMUST-7001Quantitative Atomistic SimulationsSD
Groups and projects in RESOLV
PI - websiteProject-IDOpen?ThemeArea
Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Martina HavenithRESOLV-1001Non linear THZ spectroscopy to study hydration dynamicsDS
RESOLV-1002THz calorimetry for water mapping around biomolecular solutesCET
Dominik MarxRESOLV-1003Theoretical THz Spectroscopy of Biomolecular Building Blocks in Aqueous SolutionDS
RESOLV-1004Ab Initio Simulations of Proton (Hole) Transfer at Buried Aqueous InterfacesCET
Wolfram SanderRESOLV-1005Development of Orthogonal Polarity Probes for Short- and Long-Range Polarity MeasurementsDS
RESOLV-1006Electron Transfer in Cryogenic MatricesCET
Christof HättigRESOLV-1007QM/MM modelling of deexcitation dynamics after photo-excitation in solutionDS
RESOLV-1008Quantum chemical description of excitated state proton transfer in solutionCET
Christian Merten und Kristina TschulikRESOLV-1009A novel spectro-electrochemical cell for VCD measurements: Chiral radical anions and their optical propertiesCET
Karina MorgensternRESOLV-1010Ion-solvent dynamics investigated on microscopic, molecular length and time scales
RESOLV-1011Charge transfer between solute and solvent molecules investigated on the nanoscaleCET
RESOLV-1022Real-space study of ion solvationCET
Poul PetersenRESOLV-1012Dynamics of water at interfacesDS
RESOLV-1013Chiral water super-structures in biological systemsSD
RESOLV-1014Reveling proton transfer mechanisms with ultrafast continuum IR spectroscopyCET
RESOLV-1015Generation of high-energy mid-IR continuum pulsesPT
Clara SaracenoRESOLV-1016THz-time-domain spectroscopy of liquids at high repetition rateDS
RESOLV-1017High-power Terahertz generation and spectral broadening in liquidsPT
RESOLV-1021THz Nonlinear response of liquids at high-repetition rateDS
Lars SchäferRESOLV-1018Ultrafast Collective Dynamics in Biomolecules and their Solvation EnvironmentSD
RESOLV-1019Solvation dynamics and ion selectivity in biological nanoporesSD
Kristina TschulikRESOLV-1020Tracking charge transfer processes at nanoparticles by in situ electrochemical fluorescence and AFMCET
RESOLV-1023Coupling Electrosynthesis with Mass Spectrometry and IR spectroscopy to explore reaction pathwaysCET
RESOLV-1024Combining Electrochemical Dark Field Microscopy and Operando Hyperspectral Imaging to Study Solvent Effects on Nanoparticle Reactivity CET
Technische Universität Dortmund
Roland WinterRESOLV-2001Cosolute and confinement effects on the conformational dynamics of peptides and nucleic acidsSD
Manfred BayerRESOLV-2002Time-resolved absorption/ luminescence and multicolor pump-probe spectroscopyDS
RESOLV-2003Temporally and spatially resolved Raman scattering and IR spectroscopySD
RESOLV-2004Time-resolved luminescence and multicolor pump-probe spectroscopy with spatial resolutionCET
RESOLV-2005Improvement of pump-probe spectroscopy by imaging possibilityPT
Metin TolanRESOLV-200610 kbar high-pressure investigations of protein solutions via small angle x-ray scattering and x-ray spectroscopyDS
Universität Duisburg-Essen
Uwe BovensiepenRESOLV-3001Ultrafast structural dynamics in nano-scale heterostructuresSD
RESOLV-3002Ultrafast electron dynamics in solid interface systemsCET
Elsa Sanchez-GarciaRESOLV-3003Solvent regulation of biomolecular propertiesDS
RESOLV-3004Multiscale studies of reactivity in explicit solventsCET
Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung
Jörg NeugebauerRESOLV-4001Using a novel DFT potentiostat approach: charge and energy transfer reactions at a metal-electrolyte interfaceCET
Michael RohwerderRESOLV-4002Electrodes in the “dry”: nanoscopic electrochemical double layers and solvation of defect sites on surfacesCET